Innovative Surface Decoration

RAYN Technology (RAYN) is a surface decoration technology that combines a proprietary laser software and design technique to create unparalleled surface finishes. Our powerful software and innovative patterns create a superior surface decoration for your product. With almost limitless design potential, RAYN can imitate the look and feel of wood or create a stylized graphic unique to your brand. Our technique is more cost-effective than other methods and provides additional functional advantages such as backlighting, mass customization and microprinting. 

RAYN is a flexible solution for your finishing needs. Our technology can be integrated into any facility worry-free because of our robust software, comprehensive training and 24/7 remote support. Our entire process uses minimal floor space, produces no VOCs and is completely enclosed making it both safe and convenient for use anywhere. If you prefer to outsource your production, RAYN has machines around the world that can accommodate any project.

If you are ready to take your surface decoration to the next level, our team has the knowledge and experience to help.


Premium Design

RAYN uses innovative technology to deliver high-quality finishes with endless possibilities. Use one of our award-winning, original designs or have our team create a custom pattern based on your vision and brand.

Elite Quality

RAYN uses laser software to provide the highest level of precision and quality in the industry. The level of detail that we deliver is unmatched and available on a variety of surfaces.

Efficient Decoration

Our process allows you to add a design component to your production line without the cost and hassle of parts leaving your facility.

Rate of Return

RAYN produces award-winning finishes without the use of paints, films or other expensive decoration alternatives.

RAYN Design

Our award-winning design team is constantly updating our internal catalogue with new patterns and inspiration. Our pattern library not only shows our capabilities, but also gives our customers a starting point for their design. 


Visit our design page to learn more about our process and how RAYN can help revolutionize your decoration.